tokidoki x Hello Kitty Violetta Pullip


Spunk. Attitude. Violetta just rocks it. In between the Alice releases and Anime collabs, every now and again Groove releases an amazing Pullip, and with Violetta, they really hit the nail on the head. On JPGroove’s website she is listed as the most popular release of 2014, and it’s pretty easy to see why once you have her in your hands.


Violetta is a collaboration by Simone Legno of TokiDoki fame, Hello Kitty of Hello Kitty Fame and Groove, and being a collab with THREE brands, she has a price tag to match. In all honesty though, she’s a stunning release. She wears a purple wig of the same quality as the Yeolume’s, and has some pretty amazing stock. Pictured above is the “Special” version which comes with a cutely printed parasol, an Adios plushie, and a Hello Kitty cactus bag. The special version was only sold through Groove’s online shops.She’s the third tokidoki release, the first being Luna, followed by her pink-recolour sister, Luna Rosa.


Her stock also comes with a top hat (not pictured… my mother always insists on removing it whenever she comes), a leather jacket (love the over-sized zip), hot pink sleeves, a Hello Kitty bow belt, this amazing layered/tiered skirt using tokidoki x hello kitty inspired prints with bright, frilly lace, orange polka-dotted knee-high socks and sparkly silver and black pumps. It’s nice to see some different shoes on Pullips!

ViolettaHer face-up is pretty fierce. She has hot-pink lips with that slight gap to denote a toothy smile, thick eyeliner, orange-toned eyeshadow and dark black chips. I’m quite a fan of dark chips on Pullip’s actually, it really accentuates their make-up. Her slightly arched eyebrows give her a don’t-mess-with-me expression much more than the softer, kinder, Luna eyebrows.
Violetta & LunaHere she is with her older sibling Luna. Luna also came with a plush, but she was no special version. The colours are pretty amazing on the both of them together. Like Luna, Violetta also came with these cute stickers that you can use as “tattoos”. I have only used a few sparsely at the moment. The indecision is strong here.

ViolettaHere she is clutching her Adios plush. She’s a cutie isn’t she?

If you’re a fan of Tokidoki and Hello Kitty, Violetta is not one to miss. Her stock is amazing – she’s a doll I will most likely keep as-is, its beautifully made and detailed, and her hair is one of the best quality releases of wig I have ever seen on a Groove doll. I would consider buying the $40 more special version, you really do get a lot extra with it – there’s not many left at Groove headquarters though, which is a shame.  She’s an extremely photogenic girl, and my mother (who I am pretty sure is a Blythe person) declared she was the prettiest doll out there, with her sister a close second.

What do you think of Violetta?