Suemomo returns to photograph Pullip Alice in Steampunk World

I was sad to see photographs for the newer Groove releases by a different photographer – I found that they didn’t have as much life as previously (and were much more flat in colour) – case in point being the newest Pullip Kanaria photographs! However, I was delighted to find that Groove had commissioned Suemomo to photograph their new Alice in Steampunk World release. You can read about the interview with Suemomo and see all the photographs here.

These new photographs reveal something more about this new Alice – and that is… her face up is really gorgeous!

Suemomo_2I couldn’t see before but she’s got these soft smokey blue and purple eye makeup, delicate liner and eyebrows and peachy cheeks. I was super unsure about preordering her before, but now I am glad I did. Her hair is also gorgeous!


She’s quite a pretty lady! Will you be pre-ordering her?

She’s available from Pullipstyle for US$140 and Amiami for 15,300 yen. If you’re like me and the dollar is doing horrendously against the USD, Amiami might be a better choice (the shipping is significantly cheaper too… that being said, Pullipstyle is still my favourite Pullip store!)