How do you pick your girls & Liquid Wishlists

QuinnI’ve had a few requests to take photos of my (ever-growing) doll family and as I look at them on my shelf… it got to me thinking… was there a theme? What makes me pick my dolls?

I have a pretty eclectic mix of girls (Blythe and Pullip) from the crazy candy-coloured Dal Joujou to the extremely serious looking Pullip Galene. My Blythe girls range from some smiley and grumpy customs to serious girls like Bianca Pearl.

I worked out pretty quick that for Pullip, I pick girls because of their stock, whereas for Blythe, I pick girls because of their hair. It’s quite easy compared to Blythe to change a Pullip Wig (where is re-rooting seems to be a rabbit hole I don’t want to try!).

How do you pick which girls to buy?

One of my major problems though are my “Liquid Wishlists”. I’m pretty good with my budgeting to allow me to put some money aside for my hobbies, so I always have a wishlist that I am working towards. The problem though is that they’re liquid… as in, I would save for one girl before deciding I really wanted a different one. Dangnit! And then I still want the previous one! haha such is life.

The current wishlist

  • Blythe Marrakech Melange (I broke the cardinal rule with Marrakech. I really loved Alexis, and I thought Marrakech would satiate my wishes.) Nah, I really love Alexis. So I traded a few other things to find Alexis.
  • Blythe TebyA lyublyU (Thanks scurvygrrl)
  • Blythe Upcoming Sanrio
  • Blythe Hatsune Miku
  • Blythe Welcome Winter
  • Blythe Spright Beauty (her owner photos are stunning) Can’t deal with this crazy markup! I have made amends.
  • A smiley Forty Winks Custom  Found her!
  • Blythe B2 Holic (I loved xxxHolic!)
  • Pullip Alura
  • Pullip Kiyomi

Girls Travelling 

  • Pullip Merl
  • Pullip Steampunk Alice
  • Freddy Tan Custom
  • Middie Lydia Green
  • Middie Cherish Me Always
  • Yeolume Blackberry (I just sent her away for a refresher)
  • Audrey, the Forever WIP – having a holiday at Nomyens place.
  • Alexis Emerald
  • Forty Winks Gingerbread

The Wishlist of Unaffordable Girls

  • Hola Gominola Girly
  • Almond Doll Girly

I could sell about 3/4 of my collection for one, but you know… too much pain haha!