Shiny, Matte or Translucent?

I’ve been browsing through the Flickr again and have been marvelling at the many different skin tones of dolls, and wondering, which is your favourite skin type? Les Jeunette

This is the regular one. Glossy, shiny, it’s like she’s applied a whole lot of highlighter on her face. It’s the Blythe Doll shine, but a little bit different to the Kenner Doll shine.

Another good sample here, modelled by Le Jardin Maman.

MinjiHere’s our translucent girl, Curly Blue Babe. Her skin IS translucent, like it’s slightly clear. Other famous translucent girls are the wonderful Miss Sally Rice, Hatsune Miku, Retro Mama and Nostalgic Pop. I’ve seen some spray matted translucent girls and they have a lovely glow to them.

Here’s the beautiful snowy complexion of girls like Regina Irwin and Bianca Pearl (Pictured). The upcoming Frou-frou anniversary girl Dauphine Dream is also cut from the same cloth. They photograph wonderfully.

And lastly, the sand-matted custom girls. What do you think? Do you have a preference for finish?