How to: Re-body a Pullip on an Obitsu

Today we’re going to look at how to re-body a Pullip type 4 with an Obitsu body. Chibi, my pink Poison-girl beauty is going to be the model, so she will get a new body to match her Toffee sister. Chibi is a Pale girl, and will be going on a Obitsu 27cm in white. She has a soft bust.

<Warning! More Dolly Nudity!>


I tend to like Obitsu’s because of their pose-ability. They are a bit different to a Type 4 body though, as the Type 4 is ridiculously skinny. It means that a lot of Pullip stock will struggle to fit nicely on the Obitsu – but most sellers for hand-made items seem to size them against the Obitsu fine. This re-bodying is a little bit more intense than other varieties (like the Pure Neemo, or Blythe to Licca) due to some extra steps that we need to take. So let’s look at the items you will need:

  • Obitsu Body (with neck pegs)
  • Teflon Tape
  • A dremel OR a craft knife


Here is the back of the Pullip head. I’ve already removed the wig, and you can see three screws in the back of her head. Undo this, and then the back plate should gently pop off. Otherwise, just give her headplate a little squeeze around the ears.

Once you have the body off, we can see the difference between the two – what we’re concentrating on here are the neck pegs.


Your body might come with a variety of neck pegs – you want to put in the one that is closest in width to the Pullip one.


There are normally some spares! For the soft body, I just moved the neck downwards, accessed the eyelet, unscrewed the current neck peg and screwed on one that was the same width.

Now, putting the new neck peg against the Pullip one, I can see what I am trying to achieve in order to fit it back into the head.


See how different they are?

The body on the right is the Pullip neck peg. We can see that it’s a lot stumpier, and the little circumference where the face plates go is a little thicker. This might cause some flopping around if we don’t prepare it properly.


Alright. Here’s where I cheat. There’s a couple of ways to do this step. We need to cut the neck peg down to match the Pullip Type 4 Neck peg. You can heat up a craft knife under hot water and use that to slowly cut away at the peg. You can also use a high-grit sand paper and slowly sand away the peg as well (put on a TV show or something)… or you can use my violent method where I attach a sanding wheel onto a dremel, go outside with the correct safety gear (protective goggles and a mask… due to the flying flakes of plastic)… and then go for it.


This is 45 seconds of violent sanding later. It’s pretty effective.



I’ve now wrapped the neck area and peg in teflon tape. I do this because it adds thickness, and also dolls are subject to body melt sometimes when they come into contact with different plastics! (So be careful when you have a hand against a face, when your girls are touching each other!). The teflon tape helps it by separating the reactive parts.

And that’s it! Put the new body in exactly the way it came out, and you’re good with a new posey girl! A word of warning – the Obitsu does make the head flop around a bit, but I much prefer it as it is easier to pose the girl, as well as… she sits without toppling!

Hope that was helpful – are there any other tutorials you guys would like to see?


I’ve been working on a new commission recently and having been making some props. I just wanted to share with you guys! I’ve just finished making her bow! Modelled, sculptured, painted!

artemis' bow