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MSC Cracks + a possible solution

Poison Girl Chibi

Please note that as of the 29th of February, 2016 cracks have slowly started to re-appear on Chibi’s face after a very harsh summer. Will update soon.


I have told you about how much I love Chibi, the second girl in my Poison Girl family. The seller who sent her to me was an absolutely lovely lady in London, and packed her super well. Chibi was an April 2015 doll, and was one of the last before Poison Girl announced she was stopping customs, which I read with much┬ásadness – as I LOVED seeing her dolls every month. The reason she was stopping customs was because MSC Matt had started to produce cracks all over her dolls. I barely thought that this would affect me, but when I opened Chibi, I realised that she had fine cracks all over her face.