Yeolume Blackberry!

Blackberry arrived in the mail recently! I love her stock and her glorious wig. I purchased Blackberry after falling in love with the Yeolume mould with PODO. I’m gonna try something a bit different with her customisation 🙂

More pictures and a midget review of Blackberry after the break!

Yeolume Blackberry


Blackberry has a little love heart lip shape, purple eyelids, and mismatched eyebrows that match her bottom lashes and hair. She’s of much better quality than PODO (at least in terms of her crunchy eyelashes!)

Yeolume Blackberry


She’s a bit of a looker, with this spunky gigantic bow, and pretty striped dress. She also comes with some killer pumps, a tote bag (to match PODO’s) and some lovely polka-dotted stockings.

Her wig is the straightest I’ve had (besides Sailor Mars) with really wonderful fibres that really hold up well!

She’s a gorgeous girl with lot’s of potential. Can’t wait to have a play with her!