The Waiting Room & Wishlist

There are some dolls you see photos of at the beginning and you immediately love them. This has happened to me on a few occasions, namely Pullip Nana-Chan & Kiyomi, Blythe Curly Blue Babe & Bianca Pearl and then… this My Melody Blythe.

My Melody Blythe, slated for release in the Japanese Fall.
My Melody Blythe, slated for release in the Japanese Fall.

I completely fell in love with her. She might be a Japanese exclusive, and currently priced at 26,500円 (Yikes!).

I used to collect a lot of toys and the like from Japan when I was younger, and my love for dolls has bought me back to Yahoo Japan auctions. With the strong US Dollar, it’s more affordable for me to buy straight out of Japan. I was really lusting after Bianca Pearl, who on Ebay would come to almost $1000AUD! (WHOA!) I’m not willing to spend that much on a doll just yet, so after browsing through Yahoo Japan auctions, I found her for almost a 10th of that price. Phew!

I have a couple of girls on pre-order and that I am waiting on, and they are:

  • Pullip Romantic Alice
  • Pullip Tokidoki Luna
  • Pullip Tokidoki Violetta
  • MIO Pullip Tan Kit
  • Neo Blythe Lorshek Molseh
  • Neo Blythe Bianca Pearl

(Thank goodness the releases are staggered!) Sometimes I have some dolls on preorder for so long (3-6 months) that I completely lose hope haha!

Who are the dolls on your waiting list? Who are the dolls on your wishlist?

There are a few I would love to own, and after my post above, I’m sure you’d realise that My Melody is very near the top of that list. Followed shortly by Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint, Pullip Kiyomi and a Poison Girl Custom. ❤