The First Blythe – Induction by Fire

I’m a Pullip girl at heart. I love their stock, the detail, the collabs, the potential for customs. Blythe’s were interesting to me but I did not understand the hobby at the time – I only ever saw customs, and their equally amazing prices. I wasn’t enamoured with many stock Blythes, until I saw a promo pic for Curly Blue Babe.


I kind of fell in love with her. She had spunk, style, and her eyes changed colour (n00b level 3000%! I was so amazed at the eye-changing thing without popping out her eyeballs, and just pulling on the chord).

So I decided to enter the lottery for her… and I actually won. She arrived in the mail weeks later.


My hubby named her Minji, as in her stock she looked like a “Gangnam Girl” (he’s Korean). I was confused by her translucent skin (which I discovered was a special feature), her shiny face (I was used to the matte softness of Pullips), but most of all, her dreadlocky, bizarrely oily hair.

After receiving the beautiful silky wigs on the Yeolume, the new Sailor Mars, Hatsune Miku and Leekeworld, I was surprised that Minji’s hair was so low quality for what was quite an expensive doll (she would retail more than Yeolume or Pullip).

I had to do some major Blythe research before I discovered this was a normal thing for new Blythes. I also discovered something called “a Doll Spa” – something I had never done before – and set to work on giving my Blythe a bit of tender love and care. I ‘shampooed’ her hair, ‘boiled’ it, dried it, softened it. It did help with her hair (a lot), but it didn’t stem my disappointment.

My mother would sometimes visit and comment on my dolls, but it wasn’t until Minji arrived that she started playing with them. She picked her up, fiddled with her hair and laughed at her colour-changing eyes. If anything, my mother is definitely a Blythe person. Minji has grown on me a lot. I like her oversized head, her flushed cheeks and her bizarrely shiny face. She’s also become one of my Hubby’s favourites – you can tell as soon as he names them 🙂

PS. Shiny faces are difficult to photograph!