The Grails and the Travelling Girls

Doll collection is such a dangerous hobby. Flickr is place where your wallet can go to die as beautiful pictures of these dollies produce lemmings like no other. I make lists and lists and wait like a maniac on auctions in the hope to get the best deal. I wait patiently with saved searches and quickly snap up items as soon as they are listed – it is lucky that I have spent so long in collection hobbies that need skills such as these!

The picture above is of Pullip Eos, who was a ‘Grail’ doll for me for the longest time. Whenever you enter a new hobby, you start to pick up the lingo as well. “Grail” being a girl which you have a huge lemming for but is hard to find, one of a kind, or will cost your first-born. Eos luckily, did not cost me that much. I remember squealing with excitement when I won her, and my partner just looked at me and kind of pet me on the leg, and said “there, there”.

My current grails? Are you allowed more than one?

I would one day love a Poison Girl custom. She’s one of the reasons I love dolls so much. She is having an auction soon, for a gorgeous red-head called Pippa and her sister Ichigo. Wish me luck. I think this might be the year mark where I try to win one of her gorgeous girls. Australian slow internet, you are the bane of my existence.

Maybe today will be my day!

Another for me would be Pullip Kiyomi. Pullipstyle informed me that she’ll be coming back in stock mid-year, which seriously made my day. I thought she was sold out forever. Pullipstyle also recently opened orders for Alice Du Jardin Mint, who was the first Pullip I seriously fell for – but couldn’t order because she was out of stock and going for almost $600 on the after-market.

I also love Blythe xxxHolic B2 – Yuuko was one of my favourite characters. At the moment though, she is also not in the dolly budget and will require some saving.

Blythe custom dolls also fascinate me. Such small details. Such cute little outfits! Now that I’ve tried doing it, I understand the amount of work that goes into them. The more well-known Blythe customisers have dolls that sell for upwards of $2000USD, which, is simply out of my price range! However, I’ve discovered a love for Forty Winks dolls and girls with sad little faces, and after joining the Dolly Adoption group on Facebook, one of these girls finally showed up for a great price. Little Doe.Quinn, a Saffy Blythe by Forty Winks Studio.

After much umming and ah-ing, I finally bought my first custom. I was going to buy a custom from a different talented lady (Blythe and Shine) but I thought it would be better to save for a girl I really, really wanted. I was over the moon when the deal came through. I can’t wait to see her at my door, and I hope that the two of us get along.

I think she might also be a great brunette!

Another girl heading my way is Blythe Le Jardin de Maman, a older girl that I swapped out a few older collectibles for. She was a favourite from the books, but only showed up recently! She’s heading my way from another part of the world as well.

Many of these girls have previous owners as they travel to me. I always wonder what their stories are!

Do you have any girls (or boys!) travelling to you at the moment? Any crazy grail girls?