Pullip Alura Sneak Peek

Last week was a busy week on the Pullip news cycle! After announcing Neptune and Uranus, an image of Pullip Alura appeared on the Dolly Japan website. She’s a collaboration between some pretty amazing artists, Mistubachi@BabyBee (face up/Makeup) x  Momolita (outfits) x Laura (photographer/stylist). Momolita has made a lot of outfits for both Blythe and Pullip.

Alura has the same faceup as Pullip Seila and Pullip Laura (released earlier this year). Whereas I did not like Laura or Seila as much, I absolutely love Alura.

Alura 2

I am loving the details on her dress. She reminds me a bit of Galene, with the little frayed details, and Hello Kitty Violetta (she seems to sport the same haircut in a different colour). She also comes with TWO outfits, the gorgeous red one, and also a Momolita black dress, which I think she looks stunning in.

Alura 4I think I will need to find a way to acquire Alura. She’s a Dolly Japan exclusive, priced at 19,440 Yen and might be difficult to source overseas.

Alura 3It’s amazing how you can have one faceup styled in a certain way that you don’t love, and then one of these shows up and you realise how wonderful it could be. I guess that’s the same thing with Stock Blythes – they change very little in colour, but it’s all the styling!

You an read more about Alura at Pullip & Junk’s blog.