The Wonderful and Horribly Enabling People of the Doll Kingdom

It’s been a busy weekend in Les Jeunette land, because I married my enabling ex-Fiance, now Husband on Saturday. Let it be said that my obsession with “weird Japanese Dolls” was only mentioned 3 times in the wedding speeches, but I digress.

I’ve been so happy and honoured to meet such wonderful people while… basically gushing about my Doll love. I have a custom Pullip head that I’ve been waiting on from Nomyens over the past few months, and she’s been wonderful to talk to about the project. Freddy Tan, who I have always been a huge fan of, and who I met through adopting one of his stock girls on DA, is currently making me a doll. I can. not. wait. He sent me a few photos of his work in progress today, and she has the most adorable carvings. The man himself is wonderful and so nice to speak to 🙂

Then there are the blogs I follow and comment on. Recently I was thinking that I really loved the hair colour of Marrakech Melange, but speaking to another blogger introduced me to Misha TebyA lyublyU, who besides having an aneurysm – inducing looking name (I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be saying “Lobbbuuuuu youu (love you!)” ) is stupidly adorable online. I’m currently cycling through a wishlist which keeps growing ridiculously everyday. And my wishlist grows due to enabling awesome photos on blogs. NUO! Making wishlists are literally one of my favourite things.

The current wishlist

  • Blythe Marrakech Melange
  • Blythe TebyA lyublyU
  • Blythe Upcoming Sanrio (this girl…. I must)
  • Blythe Spright Beauty (her owner photos are stunning)
  • A smiley Forty Winks Custom
  • Blythe B2 Holic (I loved xxxHolic!)
  • Pullip Alura
  • Pullip Kiyomi

Girls Travelling (I love pre-ordering. Helps me find good deals and also makes me feel less guilty as I can budget for them from my hobby kitty)

  • Pullip Alice Du Jardin Mint
  • Pullip Merl
  • Pullip Bloody Red Hood
  • Pullip Steampunk Alice
  • Blythe Les Jeunette (of course)
  • Freddy Tan Custom
  • Nomyens Face-Up

Girls Leaving

  • Trixie

Which girls are travelling to you and which are you wishing for at the moment?