Pullip Mad Hatter Steampunk World & Limited Edition Sailor Neptune

Pullip’s blog was super busy the past couple of days announcing updates to two suspected releases. The first, being the sister doll to the lovely Pullip Steampunk World Alice – is her grey-toned companion Mad Hatter.

Mad Hatter was hinted at as she showed up on Groove displays over the last few months. She’s got a lot of spunk and seems like a Classical Alice Sepia x Steampunk, with some dramatic eye makeup.


She has quite a unique faceup, one that I haven’t seen before. Super thick black liner with a hook around the eyes, many, many long thin bottom lashes and smokey makeup. She has glossy grey lips with black lines painted at the corners to bring her mouth shape down – as much as they can at least with the Pullip mould.


It’s already June but she’s only the 2nd Ars Gratia Artis (Pullip’s own design company) this year. I love her stock a bit more than Alice’s – but I just love love love the colours on Steampunk Alice’s faceup.

002Love all the steampunk details and the little leather findings! And how awesome is her hair? She’s like grey Sailor Moon with Odangos.

007Her eyechips are a bit special, being a flat, flat blue. Almost anime-like. I think if I got her I would change out her eyechips, I’m just not feeling them.

More photos of Mad Hatter can be seen in her blog post here.

Now, onto Sailor Moon, do you remember Sailor Neptune being announced earlier?

Sailor Neptune Special 02

Pre-orders for her have now opened, and because Sailor Moon has merchandising rights to Bandai, you can also order her with a limited-edition exclusive if you order from the Premium Bandai shop.

Sailor Neptune Special

It’s her school uniform! She looks fab in it! It’s an extra $30 or so to order from Premium Bandai, but worth it for her outfit in my opinion.

What do you guys think?

You can order Steampunk Pullip Mad Hatter for 15,300円 from Amiami (If you don’t live in the US as the dollar is strong now) or $130 from Pullipstyle. Pullipstyle were also recently able to re-negotiate the price of Steampunk Alice from $140 to $130 as well, and passed the savings onto their customers.

To order Neptune, the premium bandai link is here (Neptune Limited Edition is priced at 21,600円 and you can order her through a agent like Shoppingmalljapan or Tenso. Her non-premium version is available through Amiami for 14,450円. Uranus is also already available for pre-order.

I really am looking forward to Saturn and Pluto. Those two were my favs.