It’s way too late here… and I’ve spent too much time on Flickr

It’s almost 1am here, and I’m sitting here waiting for some glue to dry on an Architectural model in my office. What to do? What else but to browse flickr and read articles on Blythe Life.

What a disaster.

During my browsing session I have come across Kenner Blythes. I mean, sure, I know Blythe’s existed in 1972… and now I’ve suddenly started looking at the gorgeous, gorgeous photographs of Alpaca-rerooted Kenners done by Angel~Lily.

No I mean, seriously, look at the beautiful work she does.

Silvia ❤
Photograph by Angel~Lily

I’ve never wanted a Kenner before. I mean, they’re old… but now, looking back at them they have so much character. I like the idea of a 40 year old toy holding so many memories and living through different incarnations and lifetimes.

I feel like wiping out half my wishlist and acquiring a Kenner.

Cookie ❤
Photo by Angel~Lily

They have such beautiful complexions and character.

Then again I could be insane and now it’s almost 2 and I’ve completely lost it. I think I want to restore a Kenner.

Oh dear.