The sense of impending doom (for my wallet)

I finally got to sleep. For a while, it was nice. I woke up, and still want a Kenner. Danggit. Normally these inclinations go away after sweet, reasonable sleep sets in!

Where are you, sweet, reasonable sleep?

I’ve fallen in love with two girls. It’s actually kind of painful, because I know I really should limit myself to just one kenner, as they come at the detriment to the rest of my collection. I’ve already cancelled two orders, and wiped some girls off my wishlist. Yes, I think my heart is already serious.

Now, decisions, decisions, decisions. I’ve borrowed Poohie’s photo from Flickr here:

The non redheads
“The non-readheads” by Poohie on Flickr.

Blond or brunette? I think red-heads aren’t for me. What to do!

Should I just get a crappy one and sent it to be restored???