The London Summer

Today is a massive heatwave (for London) and I’m hiding in my dark basement in the cool as apparently, the news says the roads are going to melt. To take advantage of that I’ve done some housekeeping and finally managed to process my first few shots of Nori.

Nori in London

The light is softer here in London compared to the harsh Australian sun, and it does give Nori a lovely little glow. She’s completely rocking it in one of my favourite Blythe-clothing designs of all time, a Black and White ChuThings dress. <slight aside on this, I found the dress on the Dolly Sundries group and had originally fallen in love with it when ChuThings first announced them but missed out, needless to say I was over the moon… all that detail! I’ll have to take some closeups soon>

Nori in London

Next week when I have more time I will be bringing Nori out. I have her Icelandic outfit all ready (and there are not many people in Iceland!), but braving the London crowds I am not quite ready for yet – that, and also that I’m worried she’d melt!

Doll houses are meant to be big in London so I will definitely have to go check out some stores ^_^