Blythe Adventures in the Land of Ice and Fire

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks after Iceland, and we jumped over to Copenhagen for a few days before I ended up back home. I’ve only just now been able to get the rest of the photographs off my camera, but I wanted to share with you mine and Nori’s second half of adventure in Iceland!

Nori, my husband, and I set out for a road trip down the southern end of Iceland from the capital, to visit the volcano that disrupted all the flights a few years ago. On the way, we stopped by to admire some of the amazing sites.

Nori visits the falls
Nori the tour guide points out the waterfalls.

There are some absolutely stunning waterfalls littering the Icelandic landscape – I mean literally, as there seems to be a white stream running down every slope 2km apart. If you can drive up to it, they give the waterfall a name. If not, it’s just another “foss” or fall in the landscape.

Icelandic Falls
So beautiful

After this, we headed down the road to the famous “black sand beaches” where Nori did some exploring and rock climbing.

Nori goes to the Black Sands Thankfully there were a lot of rocks for her to lean on to pose, as I forgot my trusty stick.

Nori goes to the Black Sands
She had to tuck her arm in as it got so cold!

 There were some beautiful obsidian cliff faces that we climbed as well.  The Rock Climber Nori goes to the Black Sands

There were a lot of tourists around, but there was a bit of climbing involved so my husband and I debated the best way to carry Nori around so we (I) could photograph her. We finally settled on the most stylish way to travel – husband-taxi.
How to travel in style

Further through the landscape we went past the most amazing fields littered with purple flowers.

Fields of purple Nori was an excellent travel companion for Iceland and I am so pleased to have bought her there. I’ll be posting a lot more photos on my Flickr!

Next up will be Copenhagen, then home. You should have seen the ridiculous amount of mail I had when I arrived. So many lovely Dolly Mail things, commissions, parts for work, it was crazy!

The blog has been Nori-centric recently but I want to share with you soon a couple of other girls in my collection, some new recently finished customs and face-ups, girls travelling, both Pullip and Blythe. I also recently secured a grail Pullip girl who is on her way to me!