Theme Parks are like Neverland where all hearts stay young

Our last two legs of our trip were through the foothills of Iceland and then a quick stopover in Copenhagen- where among other things Nori, my husband and I accidentally crashed the World Santa Clause Convention.

You guys have already seen pictures of the amazing purple foothills of Iceland, but on the way back we found this ridiculously beautiful space where we could stop – and of course I could not resist.

Nori in fields of purpleIt is my humble opinion that these flowers match her eyes perfectly πŸ˜‰

Nori in fields of purpleDramatic staring off into the distance shot.

The fields were some of the last (beautiful) things we saw in Iceland, before we went to stopover at the capital of Denmark before heading back down under. The most bizarre thing was the amount of people in Denmark. After Iceland, it was a bit of a shock! The quiet serenity was replaced by the hussle and bussle of the city, where every single man had a stylish haircut, and every corner oozed with designer blood.

That being said, we had to do the touristy thing between our architectural nerdy things, and we went to visit the Little Mermaid – the national treasure.

The park leading up to the Little Mermaid was absolutely gorgeous – something out of a picture book, the mirrored lakes reflected the willowy trees that just brushed the surface.

Nori in Copenhagen

My camera only liked Nori though so of course it just blurred out all the background! Nori visits the Little Mermaid

We spotted the Little Mermaid (based on Hans Christian Anderson fame) off on a rock on the shore, so Nori came out to do her Tourist shot. We decided to go closer.

Nori visits the Little MermaidThere she is!

Now, photos are an amazing thing as what you can’t see was that behind me, 100 Santa Claus had congregated. It was the world wide congress – and we had just crashed it. So, there I was, standing in front of the national treasure, with a doll in my hand outstretched, and the canal boat tour approaches the mermaid from the river. We hear the announcer over the loudspeaker;

“So here is our national treasure, the little mermaid… and… a doll… and… about 100 santa claus.”

Nori crashes the World Santa Claus CongressSome of the Santa Claus and Santa-Pope.

Afterwards we followed the Santa congregation (they were giving out candy and free hugs) to the centre of the city.

We then visited Tivoli Gardens, one of the oldest theme parks in the world and a inspiration for none other than Walt Disney. It’s the funny thing about theme parks – its a place where you expect to put a pause on your adult button, and no one at all thought it was weird that I was carrying a doll around. In fact, I had many questions about where people could buy one or “win” one in the gardens!

Nori in Copenhagen

Nori visits Tivoli Gardens

Nori visits Tivoli Gardens

Everyone single person who pointed at Nori did so with excitement and smiles. We even found a shop that sold (much smaller than her) doll miniatures within the park! She became a little celebrity. We played a few games (badly) and won a little plushie. Nori offered to hold the heart all the way home, and it seemed quite a fitting close to the honeymoon πŸ˜‰ Nori visits Tivoli Gardens

So we’re home now! It was a grand adventure.

I have so many dolls to share with you guys as well. That time I said I went on a dolly diet, well, I lied. That and also all my preorders and customs are starting to come home. Some very exciting girls have joined the family, and some older ones also need some attention πŸ˜€Β