On Fairies and Folklore

It’s such a wonderful thing to have a Blythe/doll related event in Melbourne. We have a BlytheCon (which this year is in Queensland), and now, we have these recurring exhibitions of some of the best Blythe customisers and their work in the world. Fairies and Folklore is the second Blythe exhibition this year, (the last in February), from Auguste Clown Gallery.

The exhibition opened yesterday, but I came by today after the hustle and bustle died down a bit. I was greeted by a super-friendly gallery owner who obviously loved Blythes. He said it was great to get these dolls here so that the people of Melbourne could see what they were like in person, plus, the last show had been a hit. There were quite a few people at the exhibition already – of the 20 or so people who came in while I was there, only 2 were women! Blythe is super popular amongst the men here it seems!

Fairies and Folklore

The window display features some super cool cardboard cutouts of three of the characters in the show. All of the dolls were based on the idea of fairytales. You can see and read the exhibition catalogue here.

Not going to lie, I was so excited seeing so many fabulous dolls all in one place!

Fairies and Folklore Fairies and Folklore They were all beautifully presented – and all of them were on sale as well if you completely fell in love with one ❤   Fairies and Folklore The creations were gorgeous. Most of them sat on their own little stand, crafted into their own little worlds. There were some of my favourite customisers on display, and I happily went around taking heaps of photos and snaps and pointing and squealing. My husband thought it was funnier to take photos of me because I was overly animated (but quietly animated, as it was a gallery after all).  Fairies and Folklore  Fairies and Folklore

My husband thought that this Melacacia creation was stunning – and so did someone else as this beauty was snapped up super quickly (standing next to her is the also sold-out creation by Cindy Sowers).

Fairies and Folklore

One of the favourites of the day was this stunner by Photos4Sue.

Fairies and FolkloreFairies and Folklore  Fairies and Folklore  Fairies and Folklore I was so so happy to see this gorgeous girl by Poison Girl (below). I loved her little knitted red hat and outfit. I am a super fan of Maria. For life. She had the cutest boots of the bunch!  Alas, she was sold before the show even began. Fairies and Folklore  Fairies and Folklore Fairies and Folklore

You can’t leave the show without completely falling in love with a girl right? For me it was this Kitsune (fox) girl by I Have Wings. I honestly stood in front of her for ages thinking how lovely she’d be in my collection. My husband the enabler didn’t help but I did manage to walk out of the gallery only picking up the book. But my goodness. She was adorable.   Fairies and Folklore Those eyechips! That outfit! That lantern thingy!  Fairies and Folklore

Gah! Too cute.

More photos of the exhibition can be seen on my Flickr Album.  I need to stop writing now before I buy half the shop, from looking at pictures. Geh.