The Promised Family Photo (sort of)

The Motley Crew

I finally got off my lazy bum to take a family photo of the girls. Here’s almost all of the current (Blythe) family!

From left, NosPop, Curly Blue Babe, Dauphine, Nori (Urban Cowgirl by Freddy Tan), Lorshek Molseh, Le Jardin Maman, Gingerbread (Friendly Freckles Forty Winks), Alexis Emerald, Quinn (Saffy by Forty Dolly Winks), Raven (Kenner Blythe, black hair with wispy bangs), Bianca Pearl and Cherry Beach Sunset.

Missing: Les Jeunette x2 (I sent one away to get customised, I realised I loved her stock version too much so I have ordered another), Simply Peppermint (x2 same as above but I realised I didn’t like the stock and sent both away to customise)

And for good measure, the Pullip Family, which were too hard to move outside as it started raining:


Missing here: Ramen (Yeolume), Risa (Dal), Chibi (Poisongirl, coming!), Nana-Chan, Princess Serenity and Sailor Mars (who sit amongst another collection)

On Pre-order: La Robe Vert Claire, Dal Heiwa, Sailor Moon Luna & Neptune.

I actually love that photograph of the top of all the girls, I’m glad you guys kept telling me to do one!

If you guys would like any photographs ore reviews of any of the girls, just leave me a message 🙂


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