Dal Heiwa, The Little Dreamer

As you might have guessed for a while now, Poison Girl is one of my favourite customisers. She’s the creator of my gorgeous Toffee, and Chibi, so when I first discovered her awesome work, I was delighted to find that she had collaborated with Groove to create Dal Heiwa, part of the Creator’s Label series. The only problem, was that Heiwa could not be found in the wild anymore.

Groove has been (thankfully) for newer collectors like me (I consider my two-year stint newish!) a re-release of some of the older girls. This year we’ve seen the return of Alice Du Jardin, Romantic Alice, Paja and the like – and also Heiwa. As soon as she was announced, I quickly added her to my cart from Pullipstyle.


How adorable is Heiwa in her box? She’s a little winter lamb dressed all snuggly in her lace and pink knitted cardigan. Her box is the cute silver of the Creator’s Label series with the gold detailing. Inside, it’s a bright green teal (maybe a seafoam green) with little flowers.


We can see how cute her face-up is from her box already. She features the gorgeous pastel hues that Poison Girl is known for, as well as the criss-crossing under-lashes. Her lips are painted in a lovely little heart shape, reminding me of a Harajuku/Geisha make-up cross.


Here’s a closer picture of her face. She has flicked winged liner, peachy pinks in the corners of her eyes and mouth, she’s subtly blushed and features a cute blue-green eyeshadow. Her eyebrows are a pale brown, which I think matches her gorgeous pink hair. Heiwa was based on her Pullip Sister which Poison Girl created for a Pullip Event.

Photo by Poison Girl’s Dolls

Can you see the delicate green freckling on the original? The little Dal has this too! She’s quite the faithful recreation.


Here she is out of her box! How cute is her little grumpy face? I am a Pullip lover first, a Dal Lover second, but as many people have claimed, Dal gets cuter as you spend more time with her.


Heiwa has some of the most adorable stock I have ever seen. A cute little peasant-style dress with tiny ruffles and a beaded centre, with a lace collar. The dress is gathered up high with a little lace rosette, with a lace underskirt, and this is all topped with a pink knit cardigan.


Her shoes are absolutely adorable. Almost Harajuku, soft Lolita in style, she has these fabulous stylized Mary-Janes with little bows, and topped with woollen ankle warmers (bringing back her little Lamb-like roots!). Her stockings are a good quality netted cream.


One of the cuter things she features is this gorgeous laser-cut acrylic headband, which I think finishes off her look very nicely.


Here she is with her bigger sister Chibi. Heiwa is such a gorgeous little Dal and follows my favourites (Chibi Risa and Dalcomi) as my favourites of the line. Her wig is good quality, her eyes a soft brown. Overall, I think she’s gorgeous!


I think that she has a super-versatile face-up, that would look cute in many outfits (I have loved seeing the owner photos of her!) and I think thats she would be an adorable addition to any collection.

As of writing, Heiwa is still available from Pullipstyle for $127.95.

Check out more of Poison Girl’s work here.

Do you have a Heiwa living with you? I would love to see photos of her!