Q-Pot, Chocolate & Caramel

Q-Pot has always been one of my favourite fun fashion brands from Japan. I’ve been a fan of their keyrings, not even mentioning their adorable collaboration with Sailor Moon. So when Milk BisQuit de Q-Pot Blythe came up for sale, I jumped on the opportunity to own this sweet, sweet girl.


I really love this release, and this isn’t limited to the attention to detail that her overall package comes to. It makes collaborations like this super fun. Her box is covered in little Q-Pot cookies, with the Q-Pot Logo emblazoned on the top left corner.


Her box is unlike most Blythe boxes, with a curved top that opens like a little cookie box.


The front has a gorgeous little banner that really ties in with the Q-Pot Brand.


Inside, we get a glimpse of all the gorgeous stock she comes with. She’s packed full with goodies, including a Q-Pot staff, a crown, a special Q-Pot printed chocolate brow dress, Q-Pot earrings, a Q-pot necklace, and a handbag. She has a special chocolate brown pull ring.


She also comes with knee-high boots, with a little satin ribbon. I haven’t taken her boots out of her package because of the little melty problem that occurs with Blythe boots in humid countries. She also has a little golden stand. How cute are the little trimmings around her dress? It’s all satiny with a little bit of lace at the hems.


Here’s a close up of her pull ring! It has a cute wine-red satin ribbon with golden borders on it. I do love little details like that!


She has a very neutral, but warm face-up. Her skin tone is like a cafe-latte, creamy and lovely. Her eyeshadow is a golden brown,  with peachy-earthy blush, and metallic brown-red lips.

And… look at that! She has holographic front facing yellow eyechips! The holographic is kind of like Hatsune Miku. Her hair is also many-toned, with streaks of brown, pale blond, and strawberry going through her locks. Her hair quality is typical Blythe, I think she could do with a little spa.


This is her front-facing blue eyechips – they are holographic too! I think they quite suite her!


Her right facing chips are a holographic emerald green. Look how nicely her whole stock comes together!


She even has special coffee-coloured eyechips and long lashes.


Check out her little staff! Its chocolate on the bottom and golden at the top, shaped like a walking cane.

I think that’s she’s a really different and special release, from the multi-coloured streaks through her hair, her special box, and all her accessories. I love her different coloured skin. Most people say she looks a bit sepia – she’s a bit one-note in her colouring, but I think she just looks chocolately and delicious.