Happy Holidays Everyone!

Nori, BB-8, Mr Husband and myself wish you all a very happy holidays!

The next couple of weeks is going to be hectic, but that doesn’t stop you from realising that your Sphero-BB-8 is the perfect size for a Blythe Doll Companion. My brother picked him up for me for Christmas, and of course, I had to get my favourite muse (with antlers) out for a Christmas spin, and explore. 


Romantic Frill Sugar also stopped by just in time for Christmas, and was completely showing me this happy Christmas Bell. I’ve almost finished doing her photos, and I should have a review up for you soon!

I kind of wish the “Snowy Christmas” thing was a reality in Australia (HELLO, FIRE TORNADOS), it was kind of too hot to go outside, but that’s all the more reason to sit next to the Christmas Ham and chocolate for the whole day right?


Excuse me now, I need to accompany these two on our exploration of the kitchen floor.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holidays!

*I think I need to get Nori a Rei outfit.