The 2016 Liquid Wishlist!

It’s been a while since I last updated my wishlist. From the rambling post yesterday, and after my initial (2 year haze of the beginning of dolly collecting) I think that I’ve managed to calm down now and really work out what I want! So, without further ado.

Wishlist Girls that I’m looking for

  • K07 Doll Custom
  • Pullip Kiyomi

Girls Travelling to the Dollhouse

  • My GBaby Girl!
  • The New Cherie Babette Blythe
My new girl, photo by G.Baby Dolls @gbabydolls

I don’t think I’ve managed to explain how excited I am to have Gina’s girl come home! Every time a photo comes up I can’t words properly.

Wishlist Girls No Longer on the Wishlist

These girls have moved to my “nice to have” but not “I’m frantically looking at Flickr every day for you” list.

  • Blythe Hatsune Miku
  • Blythe B2 Holic (I loved xxxHolic!)
  • Alura (She’s arrived now!)

Bonus shot of Toffee because she was one of the most happiest wishlist fulfillments of last year!


The Wishlist of If I won the Lottery Girls

  • Hola Gominola Girly
  • Cupcake Curio Girly
  • I Have Wings Girl
  • K07 Doll (is it funny that K07 has made both lists?!)

Girls Travelling

Confirmed travellers:

  • Blythe Le Jardin de Maman (I found her a home in the Capital (of Aussie-land))
  • Pullip Eve Sweet (adopted, on hold)
  • Pullip Sailor Neptune LE (adopted, on hold)
  • Pullip Luna (Adopted)

New Travellers (that I will list over the coming days. If you’re interested then please tell me!)

  • Middie Blythe Cherish Me Always
  • Middie Blythe Lydia Green
  • Byul Secomi
  • Dal Joujou
  • Pullip Sailor Mars

Tentative (If there’s enough interest)

  • Almond-Doll Clover (She…. might just be too stunning for my collection haha!)
  • Forty Winks Gingerbread

If you looked at my other wishlists… I feel like I’m doing awesome! So much better than before!