No words, just magic.

There are a lot of visitors in the doll house this week. It’s a bit hectic, but I’m carefully packing them all away to send them home. However, before that, I want you all to meet a very special girl that bought a little magic to my garden for a little while. An absolutely gorgeous fairy, Miss Coco Butterfly, by Babycatface Dollies.

A lot of photos incoming. You have been warned.

Coco is a Cadence Majorette in which Babycatface (BCF) dollies has done the most amazing job on. Her little details are exquisite, from her pouty mouth, shaded eyes, and gorgeous eyelids. Let’s take a look.


Look at the texture on that dress, the deep blue colour, the little lace details and the tulle underskirt! The gorgeous coppery wings! The little collar! The tiny lip lines! The gorgeous little freckles and the details on the eyes. Oh my. Just LOVE. (Sorry, I just lost my eloquence in that paragraph completely).


Her antenna is adorable.


I went outside and saw a fairy sitting in my garden.


The gorgeous eyelids blend into her eye make up perfectly, and she has gorgeous colbalt-blue lashes.



It’s okay if you sit there forever.

Note: the ridiculously cute little beaded socklets.


All of her eyechips are just stunning on her.




I think sometimes there doesn’t need to be words. Just photos, because they say so much more. I think she has been one of the most lovely girls to come through the dollhouse, and I hope one day one of her sisters can come stay permanently. As of now, I’m grateful for the little sprinkles of magic she left behind.


No words here.


Just magic.