Callie, the Pink Sister

I was so excited to see another creator’s label doll released this year. This time, it was a pair of twins (Callie & Cassie) by the fabulous HAPPYDOLLY/Memento  (I’ve linked here to the promo pictures and her facebook profile). I thought I was on a pullip wind-down, but as soon as you say that of course, you fall in love with another. It took me a while to decide on just one sister (it was hard not going to lie), but she arrived in all her glory straight from Japan this week. Let’s meet Callie.


Callie arrived in her grey and gold creator’s label box, and even from the beginning, I was love. Happydolly has always been one of my favourite face-up artists, and I was so happy to see her have a collaboration with Groove. I’m happy to report that Callie really captures the spirit of her creator.


Doesn’t she look pretty staring out of her box? It is time to free her!


Her dress is this lovely pale pink overlaid with some white lace. She wears a cream short-sleeved cardigan with two little tufts of white lace on her arms. Her hair is a gorgeous cool brown-blond with highlights. There’s a lot of dimension in the colour.


There is her gorgeous face! What do you think of her eyechips? They’re different to what we’re used to with the large white shinies, reminding me of animes. I love her little white lace collar and the brown ribbon adorning it.


Look!  A cream hair ribbon with little flowers! You can see her white stand and her card above as well.


You can see here one of my favourite items of stock ever. This little cat plushie handbag on a golden chain, with a Eiffel Tower and a little crystal charm. Above, her pink matching bonnet with little flowers.


Let’s have a close look at her face-up. It’s in gorgeous neutral colours, and I think would do beautifully if you are inclined to re-wig or re-chip your dolls. Her lips are a peachy pink, with little browns at the corners giving her a little secret smile. She has gorgeous blushed cheeks that are concentrated just below her apples, and she has pale straight eyebrows (very fashionable right now with the Korean Popstars!) Her bottom lashes are lush, in Happydolly’s signature style, and she has a brown smokey eye, with a little winged liner. You can see she also has shading beneath her chin, on her nose (giving it a sun-kissed look) and on the corner of her eyes.


Here she is out of the box. Cuuuute. She’s so dainty and pretty!


Here you can see those little lace arm tufts. Looking at the reference photos I was meant to move them to her wrists (WHOOPS). I thought they were an arm band. Cute either way, a bit strange how stark white they are compared to the rest of her off-white outfit. There’s little pearls on them too!


Her shoes are just LOVE. They remind me of the shoes that I normally get from Q-Magic Doll, well made, with a tiny bow and little heel, and golden buckles. The socks are lacey and adorable with a tiny pink bow adorning the top.


Callie knows she’s pretty. Her hair was a bit disastrous, a bit dry and I feel like this curl will be difficult to maintain. But I will try, because she wants her hair to be wonderful, and we will work something out.


Look at her gorgeous eyelids! Such a simple but effective design. Painted a slightly darker flesh-tone, with a thick black liner, she has alternating white large and small dots creating a pattern on the lid. LOVE.




Here she is in all her gear. Man, I wish I could dress like this, but I am an adult and all my clothes are black, because I am a designer and I its just easier to do laundry this way. But, look at how adorable she looks! Look at that HANDBAG!


Close up of handbag! See the little crystal on the tower charm?


Here is the back of her outfit for reference.


I like how Happydolly has created all of these little details for her. Her little lacy ribbon caps off her look perfectly, as does her little oversized bonnet.


Bonnet close up – look at the little pearls, and the flowers with the pearl centres!


Cute little ribbon with detailing. All of her stock is very well made, and this makes me extremely happy.


Hello pretty lady.


Don’t tell me I need to buy your sister now.


Just adorable. Even the husband likes her.


Too excited to focus.


I just love her. I really don’t need her sister, but I feel like I could do with a blue twin. She’s just gorgeous all around.

Callie is available from Pullipstyle for $135 for Preorder. Her blue sister Cassie, is available here, and she is also available from Amiami for 18,100JPY.

I’ve been really happy with the last two Pullip girls that have come home (Cassie and Kiyomi!).