Wig Attempt 2.0 – Alpaca Locks for breakfast.

Last week, I made my first alpaca wig from the alpaca hair I had lying around (in white, and I had some pink dye for some locks – from some forgotten dreams of Blythe re-rooting) but I felt that it didn’t really suit my girl. Olive said it made her look a little punk – and I agreed with her – it wasn’t quite the look I was planning, but I did what I could on hand as I couldn’t stand her bald ha!

Her face-up that I did for her looks a little like I “threw the Urban Decay Naked palette” at her, so I thought she should really have brunette hair. In my mind, she had brunette hair, but I didn’t have any on hand. My order from Alpacarama arrived so much earlier than I thought (as brown was meant to be on backorder), and I had some time in the evenings to start a new wig, so I thought, why not!


Here I am giving a go at colouring some locks. I wanted to make some highlights to go with the brown. I was expecting them to be a lot darker when they came out though. They came out like Pastel Unicorn Candy Fluffiness.


My poor minifee. She’s spent half her life with me with a baggie over her head so I can make her wigs >.< (she’s only been with me a fortnight or so!) This is me making her a wig cap.


Here’s the brown alpaca I chose to go with her look. It’s such a lovely colour!


After my dyed locks dried, I started draping them on her head to work out which highlight worked the best on her. This backfired spectacularly as after this I realised I wanted to make a pastel unicorn wig for her… such lovely colours! But I had to stay strong and consistent and make her this brunette wig! I must keep my eyes on the goal! (but seriously, unicorn wig right?)


Glue glue glue. I find wig-making (besides all the swallowing of the alpaca) one of the most relaxing things to do. You can’t do too much in one night because the glue has to dry (especially in winter) but it comes together fast enough to make you feel quite efficient.

This is the next day in the studio where I was working on her part. I improved this time, due to patience. Last time was much, much harder to wait, as she was bald, and I felt bad, and I wanted her to be fabulous. But fabulousness takes time.


Some braiding (poorly – I should have played with more hair as a child, my brother only had a very short haircut and was not receptive to styling), and I think it’s done!


I’m quite happy with how this one has turned out! With only half of the alpaca swallowed this time. (I stole her Callie’s handbag for the day. She might keep it for a while).


She comes with me to work to keep me company. As she poses so well I can sit/lie her on my table and and not worry about her doing the legs in the air panty-showing move that my Pullips and Blythes are prone to (also my Lati… bobble headed dollies, ha!)


A vision of prettiness in an otherwise crazy studio.


I love looking over and seeing her pretty face there.


My husband recommended calling her “Hana” as in number 1, or flower, or glow (depending on the country). I am still not sure, I am waiting for her name that will hopefully rise out of the ashes… soon…