The Wishlist overhaul

It’s been now 6 months since my January update of my wishlist, and since then lots of things have changed in the Dollhouse. I’ve been trying to consolidate my collection as I’ve realised my tastes have changed over the period of time. I am trying less to be like a Pokedex Master (Catch em’ all!) but more like a Gym Leader with specific, curated collections. (lol, nice try!)

I’m trying to calm down with my Blythe collection, and slow down my Pullips, and slowly just add a few things to my slowly-growing BJD collection. Most of my Blythes now are customised, or translucent. I think the only non-customised Blythe I have that isn’t translucent will be Agnes, my Lorshek Molseh. Everyone else has left (or come back) with a new look.

Minty Kiyomi made me feel better about no Kiyomi.

Girls that were on my January Wishlist:

  • K07 Doll Custom –This has been on the wishlist for a while, but due to some sudden changes, I no longer have a lemming for this one. I feel like I have lived the process vicariously though CC though ha! Maybe a K07 will come back on the list in the future. I think I’ve been a bit spoilt this year in terms of custom dolls, so I might wait a year or so before I send another out… or so I say.
  • Pullip Kiyomi – This has been somewhat satiated by Minty Kiyomi. not the same, but close enough!

Girls Travelling to the Dollhouse

  • My Alexis Emerald is getting a makeover at one of my favourite customisers in the whole world. I can barely breathe I am so excited, that this made me stop wanting a K07 too. I can’t wait to show you when she comes home.
  • My second Les Jeunette is off to the states to another customiser that I love. Like I said, spoilt >.<
  • A tan minifee Celine to join my Chloe, but this one will be an A-line body instead of Moe.
  • A Unoa Lusis and Sist faceplate in NS. I’m currently in the talks to get her a NS body too from Unoalchemy, as I can’t decide on which sculpt I wanted more. I saw a post on Kicky Resin about Unoalchemy and I think they would be a wonderful choice to get an Unoa girl.

The Updated Wishlist.

Theres 1.5 girls on this list. First:

  • A Feeple. I am not sure about this. I feel like I can manage a bigger BJD. The hubby says I can have ONE. But I do love my Minifee, and sometimes wish she was larger. But her size is great for me to carry around. But a feeple has a Pullip sized head! She would be so fun to make up >.<


But the current most strongest girl on my wishlist… is a Popovy Sisters doll.

Photo by Popovy Sisters (

I can’t quite explain the feeling I get when I see one of these. At first, I thought they were weird and skinny, and weird. But then I looked at their Instagram (@popovysisters) and I could not even words how gorgeous they were. They just… took the breath away. The artistry, like models right off the catwalk but from some avant-garde world. It confused me, as during the day I am a black-wearing serious designer/ architect, and then my dolls were fluffy, cute, pretty… but then the Popovy makes me want to use my day job to make awesome backdrops and wigs and dresses for photos. But they’re still scary, and will require some convincing of the husband to not be scared of her.

I sent an email to them to ask for the pricelist too (with some nudging from scurvygrrrl ). Now I just need to decide on a face, and a makeup, and goodness knows how long it will take. One person I know said “One Popovy is enough” I really get that. So I really don’t want to stuff up the selection!

Wishlist Girls No Longer on the Wishlist

These girls have moved to my “nice to have” but not “I’m frantically looking at Flickr every day for you” list.

  • Blythe Hatsune Miku (I found her for a steal in Shanghai!)
  • A Babycatfacedoll. This is probably far far in the future. I had Coco visit me for a while and it was love.

The Wishlist of If I won the Lottery Girls

  • Hola Gominola Girly
  • Cupcake Curio Girly
  • K07 Doll

Girls Travelling

Confirmed travellers:

  • Kenner Blythe Raven (going to Scurvygrrl – she’s travelled all over the world to go back home to Ohio. It’s kind of wonderful, after 30 years she’s going home!)
  • Blythe Q-Pot (looking for a new home)
  • Middie Blythe Cherish Me Always (found another home in Melbourne!)
  • Byul Secomi
  • Dal Joujou
  • Pullip Sailor Mars
  • Pullip Steampunk Alice
  • Forty Winks Gingerbread (gone to another FW fanatic)

Tentative (If there’s enough interest)

  • Pullip Romantic Alice

I need to make new space on my Pullip shelf as well… ( I have dolly real-estate problems) and will be listing some other girls over the coming weeks.

Only 1.5 girls on the wishlist! Like one is only a half wish! ha!