Incoming Arrivals

I have been neglecting my dolly loves over the past few weeks with work being so hectic, but even so I do have a couple of incoming arrivals that I am stupidly excited about!

Photo by Tiina 

The first, is this amazing girl. She started off as an Alexis Emerald who I sent to Tiina. This was a thank-you doll, and I am honestly flabbergasted at how amazing she is in the photos. I cannot wait for her to come home!

As a testament to Tiina’s skills, have a look at her before and after:


Just mind-boggling. She is just… stunning now. Mr Choi has named her Popcorn, or Poppy for short. She’s just a stunner! Those lips! those little brows! That fantastic, fantastic haircut! I just love the little bob on her.

Photo by Tiina

Those TEEEFS! Oh my goodness! Words cannot contain my excitement and how much I was squealing when I got the pictures of her. Thank you Tiina, for such a lovely girl!!!


My next incoming girl is an Unoa Sist – I’ll have to do an unboxing of her to show you everything she came with. She’s so very different in feeling to a Minifee – much softer. I have sent one of her face plates over to Nomyens (I have a LOT of faceplates for Unoa that came with her) so she can be super pretty. I can’t wait to see how she turns out. BJD’s are funny in that you order them months in advance, they get made, and then they are sent to you. It’s always a welcome surprise when they come to your door.


The final girl, who arrived just yesterday is my Minifee Tan Celine. I ordered her 1.5 months ago and she has just arrived yesterday. Her skin tone is such a lovely colour, but she might have a little defect on her shoulder, which is just a little heartbreaking. I’ll do a proper box-opening post for her as well.


Lots of Project dolls! It will take me a couple of weeks before I can have them as fully-fledged members of my dolly family. I’ve got a couple of eyes on order. I’ve also finished this current round of commissions (just waiting to take photos of the last one) but I have to wait until this current project at work finishes before I can do anything for the next round. I will contact you if you are on my list once work dies down and I can work on the girls properly. It gives me anxiety if too many are sitting around!

I’ll be posting pictures of Athena soon 🙂 Just need to wait for the weather to stop raining.

I’ve also been bombarding Olive with thoughts about my final dolly purchases (in a while, probably for this year). I’ve been thinking about SD size. And of course, the Popovy. Ah, decisions, decisions.

Finally, my Minifee Chloe (still unnamed, I’m leaning towards “Rei”) has gotten a new crazy cat lady outfit. Winning. I think it suits her.