Blythe Fest 2016!

I went to my first ever dolly event on the weekend. The first time I heard about Blythe Fest, Australia’s annual Blythe celebration, I was away and couldn’t attend, and the next few times it was in a different state, and at the time I was tied to my desk at work. This time however, I was up from Melbourne to Sydney for work that weekend anyways, so I of course signed up for Blythe Fest tickets as soon as I found out! What a ball it was!!!

I could only attend the main event due to work, but I really had no idea what I was expecting. I bought Nori and Poppy swaddled in a blanket (I found out the next Blythe Fest is in Melbourne, I’m bringing EVERYONE (I can feel my husband going Nuooo Jann Nuooo! already at this)), and of course my husband as well. When we arrived, a lovely lady covered in glitter gave us forms, checked our tickets, and gave us our little gift bags. I only had my phone on me on the day (I couldn’t lug all my camera gear interstate as my bag was filled with work things… and I void just in case I bought things too!) so please don’t mind the photos.


It was tied with a lovely pink ribbon, and emblazoned with the “Blythe Fest Fairy Tail” logo – I’ll get to what was inside later.


Inside, I was greeted by a little happy Blythe wonderland. Balloons filled the tables, little trinkets, Dolls, Dolls Dolls! Gorgeous centrepieces, lovely vendor tables, and a stage filled with Blythes and dioramas.


In the foreground you can see party of the competition dolls (BL’s and middies!) and at the back you can see the fairy tale characters (Maleficient and Little Red were popular characters!), the travelling Blythe, and the dioramas in the top right corner.

More photos of the dioramas!


Here is one of the gorgeous vendor tables – I think this one is Jeds, or Ellie Moe (if I’m wrong, please tell me!). I got an awesome dolly wrap from here.


Her pink dolly heaven! Check out that little Yarnhead! Love ❀


Another adorable store!


Here was my favourite stall of the day! Shabby Annies πŸ™‚ I bought a little Wednesday and a dress from here. I just loved the little whimsical world (and those tiny Latis!).

Everyone was given a seat on the table, for eating and displaying your dollies. I’m glad we could sit the whole time, as poor Mr Husband was getting dolly overloaded and relegated himself to the husband chair so I could do my shopping. There was ample food for everyone to eat, and I was impressed at the vegan plates that were provided for. The food table was overflowing with Sandwiches, cakes, fruits, nuts and cheese, and everyone could eat their full (once a platter was finished, it was refilled!)

There were TWO tables filled with donations from raffles. There was so much there I originally thought it was a sales table!


Above is a photo of the raffles table. Everyone was given a raffle ticket with their Blythe Fest ticket, and another for the door prize, and you could buy a ticket for fundraising for next year’s Blythe Fest too.


The ticket!

What was equally amazing though, was all the dolly tables (where the husband was sitting) was filled with amazing dollies as well. I recognised a lot of them from Flickr, Instagram and Facebook, and I was super excited to see them all! I spent a good few hours wandering around the tables. I wish I said more. All I could manage most of the time was “Omg cuuuute”. I am an eloquent professional, I swear.

Here are some of my favourites (you can see the teacup middie above… LOVE).


Such amazing dolls! I love them ALL! More and more I want a yarnhead haha. They seem so cuddly.


I was having a ball, and I didn’t realise afterwards how generous the event was – until the raffle was drawn. I mentioned before about the raffle table right? There was something for everyone! I could not believe it, I was used to the school raffles of yore where there was a first, second and third prize, but when everyone got one – all attendees – I was shocked by the generosity. How awesome of the dolly community to donate such wonderful gifts for the event!

Mr. Choi (the husband) won a Licca girl!


I won another Shabby Annie dress. I say another because I fell in love with the store and bought a few things (whoops!).

When the raffle was done, the organisers got up and said that we should all line up and have a lucky dip – everyone was given another THREE presents to take home, as well as their goodie bag. My dollies will be spoilt silly.


It was horribly dark when I got home but I took this photo of all the things in the gift bags. We had two between my husband and I, and I tried to take photos of all the items facing outwards so that you can see who donated.


We also got these nifty mugs!

Here is a close-up of all the things inside, and the tickets. The baggies also came with these lovely coloured flyers with a list of some Australian & New Zealand-based customisers


Here’s a picture of my haul! A gorgeous dolly wrap, two headbands, a little Wednesday plushie for my girls from Shabby Annie, and a Shabby Annie Dress. I also got this cute little dolly swinger from Sherbert Tree.


The swinger assembled (with the gorgeous cushion set!)


The swinger with a model inside. She’s happy about it, I swear, she’s just naturally unimpressed, but inside she’s glad she gets this new cushy chair haha!


Poppy modelling her new headband!


Nori and Poppy hanging out on the dolly tables. ^^

So that’s my round-up on my experiences at my first Blythe Fest! There were many competitions that were super fun, we all got to vote on the next theme (Japanese Street Fashion) and found out the next Fest will be in Melbourne! (THE HOMELAND, YAS). I’d like to take moment to thank all of the wonderful organisers, the day, to me, ran super smoothly with barely any hitches (if there were any, they were hidden under the glitter and I couldn’t tell). It was a family-friendly event that everyone seemed to enjoy, with dolls galore, and wonderfully generous. The gifts were amazing – to everyone who donated, thank you! There was many a squeal on the day when people opened their bags to reveal so much dolly goodness, and of course many more squeals when the raffle was drawn!


Here’s Mr Choi walking out and handling all of my baggies. Why did you buy so much stuff, he asks? XD – well, Blythe Fest only comes once a year, and I seriously can’t wait for the next!

PS: The Facebook group has posted these amazing photos:Β

Do check it out!