Hello Little Grumpy Face and Other Updates

I have a thing for grumpy faced dolls. I find them completely adorable, a little disapproving frown, thinking, what are you doing Owner Lady, why did you dress me so silly? When I had an opportunity to send my dolly to the Queen of the Adorable Grumpy Face (S.Cola Custom Dolls) I literally jumped at the opportunity. As a preface, thank you Sylvia for making my girlie so awesome!

Sylvia is one kind-hearted and generous soul, and was so awesome in making me my little custom girl. I sent her a Les Jeunette (who I’ve always been partial to, I’ve got two Les Jeunettes (an Almond Girl and this Grumpy Face) but I always seem to send them off). A few weeks later, she came back… adorable.


As soon as I see a grumpy-faced girl… I tend to put a happy cloud hat on them. I like the comparison. They probably don’t :D!

My girlie came back with the most adorable button nose, disapproving little frown, a smattering of freckles on her nose, and a flushed little expression, seeming like she had spent her days in the sun. She has the most adorable eyebrows, and gorgeous matching eyechips.


Her eyelids are painted a gorgeous blue. About 4 minutes after I took this photo it began hailing so we ran for cover inside. Didn’t matter though, because I really wanted wanted to show you guys this lovely girl… But I will need to take her out for another shoot soon! I do just love her expression.


She has claimed the swing that I got from Blythe Fest. I’m thinking about giving her a re-root. I find that I’m partial to bobbed-haired girls, and I think a little bob would suit this girl wonderfully…. hmmm… what to do!


Isn’t she just lovely? I haven’t thought of a name for her yet, so until then she is Little Miss Grumpy Face. Elisa just recommended “Puchero”, meaning “Pout” in Spanish. I’m kinda loving on that name!

If you ever have a chance to get your hands on a  S.Cola girl, I would highly recommend! Her work is exquisite.

In Other News – hopefully some dolly time!

Life has finally calmed down for a bit, with two of my designs being built over the last month, that crazy exam, and Blythe Fest! I’ve had to jetset around a lot and I’ve got a little fatigue, and my list of dolly wants is growing and growing. I’ve had a few girls (maybe 4?) come in the last few months that I’ve not been able to photograph and introduce yet. I’ll have to get around to that. I also want to start building character profiles for all my girls, and proper organising tags. I’ve also done a few commissions that I will have to photograph and show you :).

I’ll be resuming my commissions list soon. I have contacted the next few on the waiting list for first dibs, and once they’re done, re-open the list. Considering my “professional-life” business is getting more and more busy, I think that after this year, I might only make one or two full dolls a yearly quarter. I hope for more… but I hate keeping people waiting!

For myself, I’m going to working on a scale model of Kiki’s Bakery from Kiki’s Delivery Service, as I found the Kiki Licca girl being released later this year and just LOVED her. The little shot of her in her bakery is what has pushed me to make it! I’ve enlisted a friend who is pro at clay to help me make the breads.


I’m really looking forward to this project!

I am grateful for my dollies as they act as a welcome little distraction from the day-to-day hectic work life. They’re a fun little creative outlet. I hope you all have been well! I’ve been missing my blogging and will definitely need to get back into it.

Also… these new Pullip releases are killing me! Such gorgeous girls in the last few months. Have you added any to your cart?