Projects at the Dollhouse

Wow! It’s been so long…. 1.5 months since I posted! I am so sorry… but, I have been good and keeping my Instagram up to date. Since I have last spoken to you here, I’ve gotten a few new girls *YAY* and a boy (another coming) and then finished a few commissions, done an installation overseas, and finally had some time to work on some parts that I have had floating around for a couple of months (or over a year in some cases…!) Let’s see how well I can update >.<!

First up! I finished a few commissions and face-ups, and those girls can be seen on my Instagram 😀 Here is Thalassa, she’s already headed home to Chile.


I’ve also completed a freckly redhead (sisters!) who have gone home to Julie already.

Oh ^ points at above… THATS HOW YOU EMBED INTO WORDPRESS. Don’t mind me!

I’ve also been working on a girl for Tess, who is coming along nicely.

She’s got lovely Puppelina chips. She’s just waiting for her new outfit from Petite Creayations (LOVE!).

I’ve also had a bit of time to work on my own dollies recently.


This girlie I am super excited about – I’ll do a full post on her soon. She’s a Volks SDGr Saki (I had originally bought her on her SD10 body, which I did not love) and then I found another Mytyl body for her! She was originally meant to have Mytyl’s body but I fell in love with stock Mytyl, so that didn’t work… I’ve just redone her faceup as well, and gave her lovely purple eyes. I will need to find an Enchanted Doll version of the purple, as I love the depth of the chips that Winter has on her greys.


About in July, I started thinking about getting a Dollfie Dreams. I liked how their faces were quite anime, so I picked up a DDH06 (stock in doll, head style number 6) as well as Dollfie Dreams 3 body in semi-white skin. It took ages to ship to me, and then ages again for me to find time to paint her, but I did, and I had heaps of fun! She’s wearing eyes from Lizanna, which I think photograph beautifully.


My Lati girl was 18 months in the making. She was my first BJD, and I bought the basic version of her, she took 6 months to ship to me from Lati. Afterwards, I just didn’t love her stock. I finally had some extra dolly funds to spend on her clothes, and I bought her this cute set from TTYA, and re-did her faceup. I just love her now! Her little wig is from LUTS. She’s just so much fun to take around at her little size, and she stands like a champ.


I also tried my hand at sewing the first time (for dolls) and made this dress from the Hanon workshop book. I have a few more sewing projects that I hope that I can work on.

I’ve also sent my Minifee Celine to Racquel Clemente which I am super excited about. She will hopefully come home before the end of the year!


Last week I have had an awesomely great dolly week, with some really long pre-orders finally coming through. One that I am super excited about is my Licca Kiki’s Delivery Service! I am going to try and finish the Bakery I was making for her.


Mariko has also come! She is my favourite DD, and I should listen to my own advice and just get the ones I REALLY want, instead of trying to fill this void. I completely love her, and will do a proper post on her soon, as well as give her a new face-up. I really love doing DD faceups 😀

So there’s an update 😀 Of course, I have a few more dolls on the way as well (thank you Birthday haha!), I caved and bought Blythe UFO a GO GO (what an awesome name!) and she will be coming in December. I also have DD Kagamine Len on preorder, but I have some doubts about splitting him up from Rin, as they’re meant to be “two halves of the same soul”. The fact that I’m splitting them makes me feel very guilty >.<, and might ultimately have to be rectified.

I’ve also finished my first boy BJD, a Switch Waseon I bought second hand, and his body finally came from Humming Dolly. The first time I painted a boy doll and styled him he peered at me through his lovely lashes so unimpressed because I made him look slightly desperate? So I can’t show you photos of him yet, because He’d be unimpressed with me, but I have fixed him but just need some time for some photos.

Being in the BJD hobby is really weird for me, as sometimes you order a doll… MONTHS in advance, and then suddenly its a lovely surprise when they finally start arriving at your doorstep.

Changes to the Collection

This post is already mighty long, but I feel like I have so much to talk about!


I overhauled my wishlist back in June, and I have to say I’ve done really well (except for the Popovy, I am still finding it very hard to pull the trigger on her due to the difficulties in her wardrobe and similar…). Right now, I’ve just got a few girls I want to add to my family. A dream doll would be a Volks Lieselotte, a Kagamine Rin to go with Len (see above for my consternation) and perhaps an Azone Sahra a la Mode Lapis Lazuli.


My Tiina girl has basically stopped my need of Custom Blythes – she might have been the girl that capped off that part for me. However, I do have my eyes set on a Wan Wan girl, Babycatfacedollies and still a K07 if I get another Blythe. I have some funds set aside for a custom one from one of them… maybe. I just fell in love with GoGo, so when she was released I frantically ordered one, scared she would disappear.


Isn’t she just amazing?


I think similar to Blythes, I have hit my grail (Poisongirl Toffee) and after that the hunger for more started to fade. I’ve realised which girls I really love, and some of them will be heading to new homes once I take some time to say goodbye and put them up. It is hard to let go, but I am running out of space haha!

BJDs and Dollfie Dreams

My collection here is settling a lot, and I’ve slowly collected parts and put some on preorder, but I should have my collection solidified soon. I don’t think I will be getting any more medium-sized (MSD girls) as I love my Unoa and Minifees as they are. I do love my SD girls, and I will be adding one more next year (an Oasisdoll YaoYue).

My Dollfie Dreams I’ll settle after my twins, unless I can find Saber to repaint. I love how all the  SD girls and DD girls can share all the same clothes. My poor(?) boy, has the attention of all the girls, as there won’t be another joining him I do not think.

How has everyone been! I hope to be a little more active on the blog, otherwise, I am always flicking through Instagram. Please tell me who you are so I can follow you. One thing I hate about instagram is that it is really difficult to find comments (why can’t you filter?!) as I would love to comment to every one.