Licca-Chan Kiki’s Delivery Service

The main reason why I know of Licca’s is because I love to stick my Blythes on their bodies. Licca-chan is basically Japan’s Barbie, she’s popular, and sometimes, she has very special releases. A few months back I was scrolling through when I saw the most whimsical little set-up, and I was in love! I set out trying to find this little Licca-Chan Kiki.

I’ve always been a Studio Ghibli lover. The magic, whimsy, and amazing animation has held me captive for years, and of course when I was in Japan I forced the hubby to spend one of our precious vacation days at the Ghibi museum. I’m a sucker for Totoro themed items, of the gorgeous soundtracks. This is the picture that made me stop in my tracks:


Adorable right? She looks like she captures the spirit of Kiki perfectly!

She was hard to order though, because she was a Japanese exclusive. I stumbled across a buying service who had her listed in their blog. I emailed them, and was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful service. Chiemi, who looks after the emails was really helpful, talked to me about dates, and the fee was really reasonable. I do think in the future I’ll be using their services again.


I think I had her on preorder for 6 months before she finally arrived. She was wonderfully packed with a little Licca brochure on the top.



She was also very well wrapped with bubbles! This was after I’d stuffed it up a bit haha…


I am completely in love with the gorgeous illustrations on the box art 🙂



Here she is! Isn’t she gorgeous!



Inside, she comes with a very fashionable blue smock, white bloomers, orange slippers, Jiji, her little comms device, a broom, her messenger bag, and her stand. The stand is very Blythe-esque, so the construction is quite familiar.


I love the giant bow on her hair! Speaking of which, her hair is what you might expect on a barbie or Blythe. There is some product in it that kind of makes it stay wherever you put it, but it made the back of her head a bit slick-looking. I think I will need to try to comb it out. I do love how her little face has a very Kiki expression though!


Her stock is of pretty excellent quality! I was happy with how all the pieces were made, there were a few loose threads here and there which will be easily snipped. She had verticality problems, so I had to set her in her stand.


She’s pretty adorable!


Her posing is standard Licca, so nothing out of the ordinary. I will be working on making her a 1/6 scale Bakery complete with goods over the next few weeks. I got started but real life work got in the way *sadness*.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!