A very worried Primrose arrives

In my last post, I mentioned how I started my foray into Dollfie Dream Dolls, and then I thought I would follow my own advice and search for the dollie that I wanted instead of filling the void with dolls that kinda were similar. That’s what began my search for Volks DDS Mariko.

I think it was Mariko that made me start thinking that Dollfie Dream girls were kind of adorable. I recently have fallen in love with Mizya’s blog eternalwinter.org, and discovered her Mariko on there (and a whole bunch of other dolls as well oh no!), and her wide-eyed look and adorable little hands made me think she was just… so cute.


She arrived with the Kiki Licca (what an awesome dolly day for me!) she was brand new and sealed from Korea :D.


Here is her stock – she comes with an incredibly well made kimono, her twintails wig, little sandles, a 15th anniversaryrose, and her plushie and papers.


Here she is peaking out of her plastic covering! She has such a cute expression!


I quickly put on her clothes to take photos. She has cute little fisted hands, and yellow-green metallic eyes.


I was taking her head off for scrubbing here 😀


Look at how much hot glue there was holding her eyes together! My goodness!!!


Thankfully the hot water makes it peel off pretty quickly >.<. She was the Volks doll with the most glue haha!


Here are the eyes (on the left) and then on the right I have my Lizanna grey Moonlight series eyes in Onyx that I will put into Mariko. I originally bought these for my DDH06 but then I liked the golden ones in her better.


She’s cute with grey eyes isn’t she?


Here she is in her total stock. The only thing that makes me unhappy is her black netted cap, which I am worried that will stain her headcap :< So the wig only stayed on for a while before I started looking for a non-staining cap.

I had to wait a few days before the sun was out enough for me to start her faceup – here are the progress pictures!


I might have overdone it with her worried look hahah!


I kind of love her! She’s wearing SD13 clothes from Nine9Style and her wig is from Lullaby Poem!


My friend helped me out on her photoshoot on the weekend. I love how she worriedly stares out at everything \\>.<\\



My friend also named her Primrose, which I think fits her pretty well! Welcome to my dolly family Prim~