Gumji is a ruby-haired factory Blythe. She was my practice doll whilst I learnt how to customise. She has 4 hand-painted eyechips (Sparkly Green, Starry Sky Blue, Copper and a Dusty sparkly purple), gold-leafed eyelids, new lashes, a custom faceup sealed with MSC, has carved nose, lips, and philtrum as well as a mini chin cleft. She has new pull-strings for sleep eyes and normal eye colour change.

I loved gold-leafing her eyes-lids and pressing them, as well as giving her little freckles.

She gave me a good heart attack when I first started carving – I thought my hand was going to fall off! Thank goodness for the dremel, otherwise I have no idea when I would finish. Kudos to all those customers out there who do it with just the carving knife!