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And slowly, you’re converted – Volks SDGr Mytyl.

It’s been almost a month since my Volks SDGr Mytyl arrived. She came during my busiest period, so I have only been able to work on her in parts, and today, I’d like to show you my little journey with her so far. She was my first SDGr-sized doll (57cm tall) which makes her officially my largest dolly to date – but…. her head is still smaller than Pullip and Blythes! ┬áHandy, when it comes to customising. So, lets meet Mytyl.

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Introducing Rosamund~

This post is very, very late in the making! Life got out of control during the last month (so… many…projects) but finally I have some time to sit down for some Dolly Time! And so, for that, I want to introduce you to this stunning lady, my Unoa Sist 1.5, who I’ve named Rosamund (she was Marshmallow previously… but got too cool for her name… it’s funny how that happens!) – but now, please meet Rosamund. She’s just completely photogenic, and captured my heart.