Introducing Rosamund~

This post is very, very late in the making! Life got out of control during the last month (so… many…projects) but finally I have some time to sit down for some Dolly Time! And so, for that, I want to introduce you to this stunning lady, my Unoa Sist 1.5, who I’ve named Rosamund (she was Marshmallow previously… but got too cool for her name… it’s funny how that happens!) – but now, please meet Rosamund. She’s just completely photogenic, and captured my heart.

There’ something to be said about an arrival of a dolly that feels just right. I ordered my Unoa Sist through Unoalchemy, and not 2 weeks later, she was at my doorstep. Let’s take a look!
Here’s my Minifee Chloe (Rei) helping me open up her new friend. She arrived packaged well in a lovely brown cardboard box of happiness.
Look at that lovely brown box with the red velvet lining!
When I opened the bubblewrap I nigh-on had a heart attack. My girl came with a ridiculous amount of extras! It was amazing. I ordered her with both a Sist and a Lusis plate, as I couldn’t make up my mind… but everything else was just a wonderful, wonderful surprise.
Here she is!
My only other doll at the time was a Minifee, so it was amazing to see how different the body was. The resin on the Unoa was unbelievable. Such a lovely texture. My Unoa is B-Grade, meaning there were imperfections but I went over her slowly looking for them and could not find the air bubbles – I think I found one in one joint. If anything, Alchemic Labo sure have one strict quality control system in place!
Here’s all that she came with! Extra heel feet, two high heels, clasping hands, four (!!!) head plates, one Sist, Lusis, a Sist decadent, and a Sist sleeping, an extra bust piece, eye mech, fur wig and cat ears. :D :D :D
Here she is standing next to my M-line Minifee Rei. She’s a bit taller! I love how her legs are sculpted, they look really natural. She took me a bit of wrangling to understand how she poses (she’s very different to Rei!), but not in a bad way. She’s very elegant and graceful.
I normally paint my own face-ups but my Unoa came at a really busy time for me at work, so I decided to send the Sist plate to Nomyens, and Nomyens did a wonderful job (spectacular) job on her!
So here she is, all complete!
And this is love, so they say. She’s wearing a wig by Frappzilla, Mako eyes, a cuff, handbag and boots by Nine9 Style, and an outfit by Wimukt.
I am just over the moon with her! Unoa’s really do have something so special about them.