The First

“I bought you a freaky-headed doll” my brother said, horrified.

Thus began my love of dolls. When I was little, dolls weren’t really my thing. I was definitely a stuffed teddy bear type. I did have two Barbie’s – one that was ‘Aerobic’ and did exercises, the other, was a barbie that went to sleep when you put a warm towel over her eyes.

I’ve always been a bit of a gamer, and, on the wrong end of my 20’s, my “younger” (to me he’ll be forever 11, although he’s a much bigger bloke now) brother had picked up a Pullip Hatsune Miku. I was fascinated by her ridiculously long hair, her hands that did not grip the leeks she came with, and the awesome detail in her costume. I was bemused by the way the ‘stand’ she came with just helped her do somersaults, and I loved how I could mess with her hair.

I pulled out my phone and took a picture.

Hatsune Miku

…. and that’s how I began my foray into the Dolly world. I think the photography has improved  a bit since then (hopefully)