Ramen, the Noodle Yeolume journey continues

I got to work on my Yeolume Blackberry over the weekend. I’ve been growing fonder and fonder of her recently. Her wig, as mentioned before is absolutely amazing, but her faceup was crooked, and I really wanted to give her a new look. So, I embarked again on a customising adventure.

Ramen WIP

Ramen started with some serious sanding as always. I used a 800 and 1200 grit sand paper set, removed her lashes and sealed her with MSC.


I always think that eyeliner and eyebrows play such a huge role in shaping the character of a doll. I wanted to give her a lighter eyebrow to match her wig, and a squarer eyeshape (kind of like the puppy-dog eyeliner so popular nowadays in Asia).


She was definitely going to be a freckly girl, and I added a bit of eyeshadow for spunk. Her lashes are my favourite though. I layered to sets of eyelashes to give her that luxe look. When I was doing it, I was telling my partner a little tidbit about Elizabeth Taylor, who grew up with a genetic disorder that gave her two rows of eyelashes, highlighting her beautiful lavender eyes. I think I’ll have to do a doll of her in the future!


And here she is head finished. It got quite dark and the lighting in my house is atmospheric, and not really meant for fine detail. In the future I will redo her bottom lash line – my paintbrush failed me at the last second and it didn’t get as fine as I wished. I recently got the warhammer ‘Psycho’ brush though, and that looks amazing! I also gave her a set of hand-painted green sparkly eyechips.

I absolutely loved putting her together, and she’s sitting proudly on the shelf with her other noddle sister, Udon.