The Master of Disguise arrives in the mail

This weekend was my Hens (Bachelorette) party. I was picked up by my friends and spirited off for a weekend of pampering and relaxation and general partying! It was such an awesome weekend and I arrived home a little worse for wear, but with a parcel sitting on my bed – what a perfect way to end a perfect weekend. My partner must of dropped it there before he went on his Bucks night party! Blythe Lorshek Molseh was waiting for me, and I (extremely slowly) in a haze opened her up….

lorshek molseh
Apologies for the potato-quality image. Was too much effort to move to my camera.

…and burst out laughing!

What a character she is! She’s the detective Sherlock, the master of disguise. I’ll have to do proper photographs and review of her later. I originally bought her to customise as she was so affordable, but…. that silly little outfit is really growing on me, and her hair was infinitely better quality than Curly Blue Babe!