Those animal hats & shopping on Yahoo Japan

So I have to admit that I have a bit of a soft spot for animal hats. I think they round out the shape of a Blythe wonderfully and makes them just that extra bit cuter.

Recently I received two new hats by Chilly – she made them in a week and shipped them quite fast. They’re excellent quality and remind me a lot of the hats that Kiyomi, Secomi and Dalcomi wear (same material). Here is Gumji modelling the white lamb hat for us!

Gumji gets a hat
Gumji in Chilly, photo by Les Jeunette

One of my great Blythe grail dolls was to have Bianca Pearl. I loved her matte skin, pretty eyes and dress, the silver pull ring, and owner photographs online made her look amazing! However, she was a whopping $700-1000 AUD on eBay, so she would remain a mystery to me for a while.

However, I got to browsing Yahoo Japan Auctions… and I couldn’t believe it. I found Bianca Pearl there for a ridiculously good price (I’m talking less than a third of what was listed above) as there was a slight dent in the box. Japanese collectors are really extreme about their unboxings and mint packaging. I didn’t care. I wanted the doll! There was some frantic translating and clicking, and by using a shipping service, Bianca arrived at my doorstep yesterday – and I can’t even find the dent. I am over the moon! I will be posting photos of the beauty soon, but I haven’t removed her from the box yet…. the box is pretty too. I hope her hair quality is okay, I was a bit shocked by the quality on Curly Blue Babe.

You always have some people who you love on Flickr or the like, and one of my doll-idols has always been Rinoninha. Her photographs of Nono (her Yeolume) was what pushed me to give the girly a go. She also makes the most gorgeous Blythe and Pullip outfits which she sells at her store Nénelle et Lalluli.

Blythe outfits


I was so lucky to score a few of these and I cannot wait for them to come! I cannot wait until her next restock and to see what she comes up with next. She’s an absolutely nice girl to boot.

I’ve also recently ordered a blond Blythe to have a go at customising again. I have a great little concept for her that I hope plays out. I was also thinking of doing a pink-haired girl, but I’m still waiting to see what Sprite Beauty looks like sans illustrations.

So that’s me for the beginning of this week! How has everyone been?