Audrey, the forever WIP

I was browsing Yahoo Japan one day when a broken Pullip Varele showed up for around AUD$20. I couldn’t resist. I snapped her up, and she arrived bald, with half an eyebrow sanded off. I mean, in my mind I do designer artistic things for a living, so how hard can doll customisation be?

Very hard actually. Symmetrical eyes are really a challenge. I mean, what did I expect, I struggle to make own eyebrows symmetrical sometimes.

Audrey, as I soon named her, taught me almost everything I know about customising dolls.


I learnt that I needed 800 grit or higher sandpaper to make her face silky smooth. I learnt I needed a brush finer than 0000 to do eyelashes properly. She was patient as I learnt how to re-wig, re-chip and repair. She holds a special place in my heart I think! She wears a leekeworld wig and handpainted coolcat chips.



I also had a disproportionate amount of fun painting henna patterns onto her eyelids. I think in the future I will re-do her eyes. I managed to recently acquire a “Psycho” brush for warhammer models and I think that might finally be thin enough for her lashes.

Yup, definitely have a soft spot for her ❤