Bianca Pearl Review

Bianca PearlI finally had some time to take some photographs of Bianca Pearl recently. Bianca Pearl is a limited edition CWC exclusive released in September of 2014. She was a major wishlist item for me, and it was only when I found her on Yahoo Japan for a (ridiculously) good price, was my lemming finally healed. She arrived, packed and perfect (I could not find the dent the seller was speaking of) in her pretty little box.

She’s a bit of unique Blythe. Her lips have a special shape painted in, with her top lip being darker than her bottom, giving it a defined shape. Her blush sits below the apple of her cheeks with brown-purple eyeshadow to match her unique hair colour.

Hasbro Bianca PearlAbove you can see some of the promo pics for her and the stock that she came with. She came with a silver pull ring and four unique eye colours. Her stock is well made, and detailed, with a gorgeous veil and hat. She also came with chiffon sleeves, white pumps and a pearl necklace. Her dress features a detailed bow, with layers of fabric giving her the classic bridal shape.
Bianca Pearl Stock

Bianca Pearl
Here is one of her special front-facing eyechips.

Bianca Pearl comes with pale sky blue, warm purple, lime green, and dusty green eyechips. All of them complement her colouring wonderfully, and none are too freaky (like the regular blythe front facing pink chips!)

Bianca Pearl
Here she is sporting her pearl-beaded satin(ish)hat. The hat also features a lacy bow at the back.

Bianca models a new dress
She has gorgeous Lilac eyechips and a beautifully soft, dreamy face-up.

Her hair is pretty good quality for curls. She will most likely need to go to dolly-spa soon and have her hair re-set in curlers, but the quality is much better than that of Curly Blue Babe, but still falls behind some of the Pullips. This seems to be a re-occuring Blythe issue though, so I wouldn’t let that deter you!

My absolute favourite thing about her though is the stunning complexion she has. She has snow-coloured powdery matte skin, and oh my, does it photograph beautifully. There’s a bit of an unearthly beauty to her.

Bianca Pearl Would I recommend her? Absolutely. I fall in love with her more and more every day… I can’t decide what to name her yet though!