New outfits from Nénelle et Lalluli

One of the reasons I love dolls so much is that I spent an inordinate amount of time stalking Rinoninha’s flickr. She would make the most beautiful outfits for her dolls, and I was over the moon when I managed to score some for my girls. Our models today are the newly-named Coco (Bianca Pearl), Minji (Curly Blue Babe) and Agnes (Lorshek Molseh). I think Agnes is glad that I took her moustache off her for a while! The Fashion ModelsThey look a little bit gorgeous in the outfits don’t you think!

Mail Day from Nenelle et LalluliThey come in these cute little packages, well packed and laid out with a few little hairties as gifts. Super cute! All of the items are really well made and use such fun prints (reminds me of my quilting days!) Each hat is a similar style but unique, and features different ribbons and laces
CocoThe pinks really bring out Coco’s eyes! (On another note, Coco’s snowy skin is AMAZING to photograph).
Agnes Agnes looks adorable in this outfit! She’s so photogenic, her brown and pinkish colouring really suits her – and of course I needed to give her the brown set :D. I reckon they would also look awesome on my Pullips!

More photos of this spunky set can be found on my Flickr. If you are interested in more clothes and works from Rinoninha, you can check out her website here.

Do you have any favourite photographers and customisers?