Working on a new Blondie

So, after receiving Agnes and deciding I could never touch her, as I loved her too much, I ordered some fakies to practice customising on. Whereas Pullip releases kits for you to customise, for Blythe, sometimes the best way is to try a fake. I still cannot bring myself to customise an original!

I ordered a long-haired blond that arrived in under a week. When I pulled her out of the box, all I could think was… OMG. How AMAZING IS HER HAIR?!
Gloriously Gold
It was amazingly thick. Soft. Unbelievable. I don’t have a doll that has such nice hair! If only Takara released dolls with hair like this still, they’d be flying off the shelves. It was so soft and fine, she was like a princess with hair of spun gold.

Gloriously Gold
Here is the doll borrowing a Momolita dress. I was originally going to give her an Alpaca re-root (she was going to be the base of my Swarovski Doll). But I think that I may need to keep her wonderful hair. It’s definitely her best asset.

Gloriously Gold Carving~
I started on carving her today, and I have to say that it was infinitely easier this time round that I knew what I was doing. No more struggling with the hand tools. Dremel first, and then refine by hand. I was quite happy with how the carvings turned out. I rounded off her nose and gave her a little pout. Off to sanding afterwards!