Alice is Romantic, a Review.

Romantic Alice was a Pullip release in 2011. Popular in her heyday, she disappeared off shelves for a long time, selling out, and being offered for large sums of money on the second hand market. And then one day, Groove re-released her, and I could not preorder her fast enough.
Alice is Romantic

I have to say that I let out a little gasp when I opened her. Omochacrush said that she started talking to herself. I am not surprised. When she came boxed, her hair was wrapped in two plastic pigtails for protection, and then FLOOF. Her glorious, glorious curls were unravelled. Alice is Romantic136

It was windy today so her hair kept going over her face haha! Romantic Alice (original) comes with a blue alice dress and blue coloured lids. Her dress is wonderfully layered, full, and detailed, and features little brass charms in a belt over her apron. She also has a gorgeous… err… dress cape(?) that hooks onto the back of her dress.

Alice is Romantic
Check out the beautiful details on her skirt! The tiny flowers, the layers and ruffles.

I’ve spoken about my obsession with doll hair in the past. It was ever since I received such dodgy hair on my first Blythe, Curly Blue Babe. Romantic Alice however, has the most gorgeous locks that are soft, easy to manage and just kind of… go everywhere at the same time.

Alice is RomanticHer face-up is a bit different. Her eyeliner makes her eyes seem round and wide, and she has two killer winged tips. Her lower lashes are irregular and natural looking, with minimal blush and petite little lips. She has dark chocolate-brown chips.

She also has a gorgeous pearl necklace, and this hard to stay on bow which is tied around her head with a lace ring. The lace is also looped around her neck to keep it in place.
Alice is Romantic
Romantic Alice has a “Pink” counterpart who I thought I did not need. But I was completely blown away by her quality, and I love her much more than Classical Alice. If Pink ever comes back in stock, I may need to purchase her.

Alice is RomanticGeh. She’s just stunning.

At the time of writing, she is still available from Pullipstyle.