Mandarake really is Evil

Simply Peppermint

So….Scurvygrrrl had warned me that Mandarake was the spawn of the devil, and I didn’t even realise until I saw how unspeakably easy it was to order from them… and how much cheaper it is compared the US because of the Australian Exchange rate!

This weekend was a bit of a damager in terms of Doll world, as I had finally put aside enough money to do some preorders. But then I discovered Mandarake. AND Mandarake Auctions. And I had somehow convinced myself (with no small help from Olive) that I needed a Middie. So I bought one. And my husband laughed at me and bought me another (he’s so awesome). On the way will be a Lydia Green (to match with my beloved Lorshek Molseh) and a red-headed Cherish Me Always. I’m now also eyeing the Q-pot Macaron. O dear. I mean, Yeolume was my favourite dollie in the Pullip line due to her size, so I have a feeling I will LOVE these middies. Which is dangerous. I think it’s time to sell some other hobby things to feed this love!

In the above photo is a Simply Peppermint that arrived to me in baity conditions. Her face was half-matted and her hair kind of crinkly. I spent the weekend removing her scalp and sending it to Patty Paris for an Alpaca re-root. Wow. De-scalping a Blythe and removing her hair one lock and a time is no easy task. Freddy Tan was also awfully helpful in explaining to me what the benefits of having a real scalp were on a re-root and for matching hairlines.

I’m also working on a few new girls. A pink haired girl, a green-haired girl and a brown haired girl. I’ve even broken out the airbrush! So much fun! I’ve really enjoyed trying to airbrush this weekend. I’ve also attempted a new carving style which I will show you all soon.

I have two interesting girls though. I order factory girls to customise as I can’t reconcile with myself spending that much money on a beautiful stock doll and changing her up until my skills are much better. I’m almost there, but not quite. I think by the end of the year I will have progressed to the true Blythe girls. My other problem is that whenever I order one to customise, I get too attached to the stock. I have a problem! I’m glad that the Simply Peppermint girl turned out damaged enough for me to consider actually playing with her!

OH my!

Here is my problem girl. Problem is that I bought her for customisation – and she’s arrived and she has the exact same snowy gorgeous skin and face up as Regina Irwen. Dark plum hair too. The other girl I got… also has the same gorgeous skin and hair that is almost exactly the same. Not sure what to do with them, except perhaps restore them to be little Reginas. You just can’t carve them unfortunately as you can’t restore that wonderful velvety skin finish – it’s so lovely to touch!

How was your weekend?