Where has all the time gone?

I feel like time has really escaped from me this week! A huge job came in and it’s been all hands on deck, and I’m leaving on Wednesday for London (had to be pushed forward, thought it was going to be Friday!). After that, we’re heading to Iceland. My husband has told me I’m allowed to bring one dolly with me on my trip to photograph, on the proviso he pick her. So he picked Nori, because she’s obviously his favourite by miles.

Nori Again

She’s pretty photogenic. I’m battling with the post office at the moment as I have ordered a whole bunch of things for Nori but it all depends on how long they take to get here! (The postman is so excited all the time to see me, “Not what you’re waiting for?”)

Beyond that I’m trying to think what to bring for her. A handbag? Some clothes change? Face protection mask?

I’ve also managed to find the perfect Kenner for me. She’s travelling towards me and should arrive soon (Thank you, gigantic recent commissions).

On another note Les Jeunette, Cherish Me Always and Lydia Green came.

I took a photo of Les Jeunette and Cherish Me Always because they are hair sisters!
Les Jeunette & Cherish Me Always

Once I have time again I need to give my girls more attention and take more photos.


I’ve also got a half-finished custom which I’ve finished carving and now working on the paint. She’s got a cute chubby bottom lip. I’ve really improved on my carving and I’m super happy with her so far.

Sorry for the scatterbrained post. I’ve been going insane! Where has time time gone?! I need more hours in the day!