The Original Arrives

Just before I left the country (and I’m talking minutes) the postie arrived at my door with a box containing a very special girl. She was a raven-haired Kenner Blythe from 1972/73!

Look at them flyaways.

I never really understood before what the allure of a Kenner Blythe was. It wasn’t until I saw one in person that I understood the charm ¬†they are well-loved girls, with hair falling out, discoloured skin – but they all have a distinctive character.

My Raven-haired wispy bangs girl is older than me! I’ll have to take some proper photographs of her when I’m back in the country. I only managed to snap a few quick pics before I really needed to leave for the airport, so excuse the poor quality.¬†Sitting on the Shelf

Here she is sitting on the dolly shelf with a few of the other girls!