Sometimes a little picture makes you smile

I’m mostly a Blythe and Pullip girl, but around March I was following ChuThing’s facebook when I found an announcement for this:

2015 JerryBerry 17th Limited

I’m not sure why, but I just fell in love with the gorgeous light in this picture, and that cute little figure sitting on a glass cup, covering a rose, with her shoes off to the side.

I didn’t think much of it till a couple of weeks later when I had some time to peruse and understand these dolls a bit more. Produced in Korea, they are a ball-jointed doll with completely painted faces. They are called JerryBerry, and there are some great photos on their Flickr. I think I have recently come around to them – you know how you slowly grow to like a doll, like when originally I thought Blythe was a bit freaky.

They’ve piqued my interest enough for me to go scouring for one – it’s a shame that their most gorgeous outfits and releases are severely limited!